Take care of your health in spring

This year we have a bit unusual springtime.  Instead of enjoying outdoors the good weather, we are locked indoor. It might look that the wind has blown away all our plans but it doesn´t have to be so. Today I wanted to talk about the seasonal energy spring has and how we could take the advantage of it now that we have to be locked up in our houses and in which things we should pay a special attention in order to take care of our health in spring. There are many things that can emerge and born from this situation, it doesn´t all have to be negative, as what our mind always first tries to think. This situation offers many learnings to who wants to see them. Hope you like my tips to take care your health in spring.

The spring energy

flor al atardecer


The springtime invites us to tune with the cycle of the nature, it´s all about waking up. The nature literally wakes up after the winter. “Yang” arrives, this means more energy, more activity, more movement and the nature starts blooming and sprouting. For this reason, the spring is one of the complex situations for our body. This extra Yang energy is shaking us after the winter of peace and calm. Those who are hypersensitive to pollen, dust, and pollution ( that begin to be everywhere)  start having  problems with the allergies that begin to sprout. This year, what also came to shake us is this damn virus.

Spring represents the development of structures and the growing season. Nature flourishes; plants express themselves through form and give color to the earth, birds sing, the wind moves the seeds and renews the old and brings fresh air. The energy of this season rises up and out like a beautiful strong tree.  It’s all about growth and renewal. Spring wants us to regenerate, reproduce and renew ourselves.  For this reason and together with what astrology shows us, it doesn´t seem strange to me at all, what is happening to us now in this spring 2020. The world urgently needs structural changes and new airs, don’t you think?

Listen to the universe

How can we harness the energy of spring?

Spring offers us a moment to see things from another perspective. Winter was time to conserve energy, reduce our physical activity and increase our internal practices; introspection and self-reflection. But now in spring is time to act, make decisions, think about what is necessary for our lives and sow the seed of “that something” we want, so that we can collect the results in the fall.

Now is good time to do visualization exercises. We should visualize what we want from our life, feel it, act as if we already have it and above all think positive.

Don’t cut your wings, be creative and fly high.  

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Spring is an ideal time for entrepreneurs, it invites us to innovate, create, and plan … just what entrepreneurs do. So take the advantage of this energy spring offers us and let your business and project grow with it. Remember that spring offers us the possibility to regenerate, reinvent ourselves and start new paths.

What does liver got to do with  your health in spring?

According to the one of the basic theories of Chinese medicine, the theory of the 5 elements, spring belongs to the Wood element. It is a theory of the natural cycles, which we can extrapolate practically to everything in life. In medicine, we associate Wood with such organs as the liver and the gallbladder. If you want to learn more, here’s a short explanation about the five element theory:


The liver is a “Yang” organ and tends to excess. In springtime the energy begins to move to the surface; it wants to manifest and that can make strong reactions in the liver, especially if we already have an imbalanced energetic state. And in the modern world most of us do have our liver blocked due to stress, pollution, poor diet, toxicity and the competitiveness of the world, among many other things.

In addition, wind, (which is the movement of the Wood element and also of the liver) increase this excessive energy even more resulting:

  • Blood gets altered
  • People are more irritated, angry, negative and grumpy among other emotional disorders,
  • There are migraines, fatigue and allergies that can be stronger than in other moments.

If our immune system is already weak, allergies can be an annual drama for those who suffer from them. And what is one of the most important things for our immune system? What we eat. And here our liver has a very important role as well.

What to eat in order to take care of your health in spring?

And quarantine or no, the shift in seasons still means adjusting how we eat, feeling out fluctuations in spring’s coming and winter’s going. This is more vital when health is an obvious priority. According to the Chinese Medicine, eating and living with the seasons is an important part of staying healthy.

crema de verdura verde

10 tips for eating correctly and take care of your health in spring 

  1. Eat less and more light food than in the winter.
  2. Increase the amount of vegetables in general, especially green ones and reduce the amount of red meat you eat.
  3. Add green leaves like spinach, rocket leaves, beetroot leaves and all types of green fresh vegetables,  sprouts and aromatic herbs to make your food more refreshing (energetically speaking).
  4. You can do a mild detox cleanse or do one “cleaning day” per week when you just eat soups, veggie creams and other light food.
  5. Add some sour flavors in your diet. Sour is liver´s favorite flavor because it provides natural, gentle cleansing. But don´t use it too much. Add lemon slices or a big spoonful of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water for an easy, non-abrasive liver cleanse.
  6. Other things to add are mild spicy flavor foods. You can cut radish into your veggie creams or soups or basil, cilantro or parsley leaves too to give this spicy kick. Other spicy food items are garlic, leek, onion, mint, ginger.. They help your liver to maintain the proper flow of the energy and not to get blocked.
  7. Eat fermented food every day, for example a spoon of saurkraut in each meal is enough. Other items would be miso, kefir, water kefir, kombucha, tamari sauce or prebiotic potatoes. Fermented foods are good for the microbiota.
  8. Avoid alcohol in all forms. We all love red wine but unfortunately it heats and ascends very easily the Yang. Take it only in special moments.
  9. Avoid all types of sugars, they are all at the end glucose or fructose and too much is bad for the liver and for the whole body. They easily create insulin resistance and make you gain weight. Do not take sweeteners with cero calories; they are equal bad or worst than sugar.
  10. Avoid all kinds of greasy, fried food. If your liver is already blocked or you have greasy liver, stop using oils when cooking, I mean do not heat the oils. You can easily sauté the veggies with a little amount of water instead. Use the good quality (EVOO) oils always cold as a dressing.

If you want to learn more about the Chinese dietetics, I leave some links to check out:

You need to move your ass even you would be in quarantine

Physical activity is one of the pillars of our health. There is no healthy, sedentary individual. Movement is a must, not an option. Our friend Liver loves exercise; he loves that when we wake up, we would take a brisk walk outdoors. Now it is a bit complicated for those who do not live in the countryside and do not have their own garden, but we can also go to our terrace or balcony and do stretching exercises, gyrokinesis, pilates … and breathe the fresh air.

What to do if you don´t have a balcony? Just open the windows and do your exercises in front of the window, enjoy the fresh air and if you feel like: sing, scream and let the sun warm you up 😉

Move your ass in quarantine

It may seem that the world ends up if we cannot go out but now we have to adapt to the situation and have lots of patience (another quality of the liver.) These moments of quarantine teach us to have patience and also to be creative, therefore; look for different ways you can move your body: dance, stretch, do static exercises, use rice packages or water bottles as a weigh, jump rope, jump, play with children, climb stairs, use rubber bands, imitate Jane Fonda or use hundreds of applications on internet to exercise. Quarantine cannot serve as an excuse, so just keep on moving and take care of your health in spring.

Take care of your inner voice

In these moments, above all, it is important to take care of “the crazy of the house”, this little inner voice in our head that demands and obsesses us with things, makes us being jealous, negative and in a bad mood. Be grateful for what you have and take care of this “sacred section of yours”.

Force yourself to think positive: eat mental protein, not mental junk:

  • Do not watch TV so much,
  • Do not listen to the news at all hours,
  • Do not spend all day with your whatssap or internet.

Try to find other ways to stay calm and emotionally better:

  • Read,
  • Meditate,
  • Do breathing exercises,
  • Clean your house,
  • Study,
  • Call friends,
  • Talk to your plants,
  • Sing,
  • Play instruments,
  • Do crafts,
  • Play cards or other games.
  • Have fun and laugh.

Although the situation is very serious, jokes and laughter release serotonin and oxytocin and help us to pass the time better and contributes for your health in spring, especially this one.

Take care and #stayathome!



Images used in this article: Getfound stock picture  and own pictures by Paivi Linna. 


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