What is Chinese Dietary therapy?

What is Chinese Dietary therapy?

What do we understand with the energetic nutrition?

Chinese dietary therapy is no diet or fad diet. It is a lifestyle that has its origins in Chinese medicine and Taoism. The whole universe and all foods are fundamentally energy, all matter is condensed energy. That is already demonstrated by quantum theory. The human beings are part of the nature and therefore all changes in the universe also affect us.

In this article I explain what the Chinese Dietary therapy is based at and in the following articles I explain how can you what energetic state you have, how you can know the energy effects of the different foods you normally consume and how can you learn to eat according to your energetic state and feel good, with more energy and joy.


Chinese Dietary therapy is individual. The first principle is that our diet/nutrition should be personal, according to our energy status and the energetic trend of our own constitution. We are different according to our constitution and our genetics. That determines the way we should eat and the type of food we should choose.

Chinese Dietary therapy nourishes in every way. It is not based on counting the calories nor it is based on the scrutiny of the nutrients we know in the West: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins (although it does not disregard their importance). Chinese Dietary therapy highlights aspects such as:

  • THE NATURE OF THE FOOD (cold, fresh, neutral, warm, hot).
  • THE FLAVOR (salty, sour, bitter, sweet and spicy).
  • THE ENERGY MOVEMENT THAT FOOD CREATES IN THE ORGANISM (inward, outward, ascending, etc.).
  • SOME BASIC PRINCIPLES, such as Yin-Yang and the theory of the five elements.

Chinese Dietary therapy nourish in every way: not only the physical body, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual part of us.  When we eat food, we do not only eat its nutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins etc.) We also eat its energy where it has grown, how it has grown, when it has grown (season of the year), the sun that has received / absorbed, the thermal nature it has (cold, fresh, neutral, warm, warm) and its flavors. All these characteristics can make one effect or another in our body. We can notice physical effects; hot or cold, emotional effects; nervousness or calm etc. And that is what Chinese Dietary therapy studies: the effects that food creates in our body, with the aim of seeking balance.

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 In the next article we will talk about how we can know what energetic state we have and therefore what type of nutrition would be best for us. Stay tuned and be amazing!


Photos: Wendy Stephen (@wendystephenphotograph) and Päivi Linna.


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