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We are already in mid-autumn and  the “Yin cycle” has been increasing for a while. The summer heat (Max. Yang) has disappeared and the Yin is growing and increasing to reach its maximum level in winter. The days are shorter, there is less activity and people are more serious than in summer, I suppose you have noticed that? The cold weather is gaining more field and generating common colds and other possible respiratory or health problems.

Therefore I wanted to write this article about how we can take care of our health in the fall time.  (If you want to read more about the different cycles according to the five element theory, I leave a link:

bosque en otoño



Sometimes we see autumn somewhat melancholy season or even sad but it should not be at all like that.



naturaleza en otoño y hombre parte de la naturaleza


Autumn can be a time of new beginnings and new opportunities if we know how to take advantage of the energy of each moment. In Chinese medicine it is all about that, knowing how to live according to the energies of each season and knowing how to listen to the nature, in order to harmonise our relationship with the world around us and take care of our health.


In autumn the energy begins to go inside. It is a time to do some introspection and analyse and plan the new season we have ahead. To let go of everything old  we no longer need or what no longer works for us. Autumn brings us back to our essence and allows us to seek this new vision that is more in line with what we truly are. It helps us to create our self-esteem and to value ourselves more. This is also taking care of our health even we many times don’t  even realise how important the mental health is in the global healthcare. 

hojas secas



In addition, the nature teaches us how little it is to cling and stick to the things, objects, achievements, attachments, possessions, etc. as we usually do. The leaves of the trees fall and the next year they come out new. Trees do not keep their leaves just in case, as many of us do keep each and every unnecessary objects in the closet and in the storage room, just in case we might use them one day… and we usually end up never using them. 



We complain that our life is stagnant and that cool things do not happen to us, without any change in ourselves, in our ways of doing, seeing or thinking about things. Staying healthy also means: knowing how to let go, letting go things and our past, cleaning and renewing all the garbage we have accumulated, no matter whether they are in our house, in our mind or in our interior and  intestines. And that is what autumn invites us to do: clean up, analyze what works and what doesn’t in our life , and listen to ourselves..

And here are some tips how to stay healthy and get more aligned with the energy during the autumn season:


hacer yoga


Physical activity is always the basis of our health, not only in the autumn time. There is no sedentary human being who is healthy. The movement brings so many benefits to our health that it has to be part of our EVERY day life, one way or another, even if it’s only 15 or 30 minutes a day. Therefore, put some “MYA – move your ass “to your life! 😉



yoga y respiración



Autumn is time of the metal element and therefore time for the Lungs and for the Large Intestine. It is important to take care of the energy of these two organs; inhaling the pure air and exhaling impurities. In general, people breath way too superficial and therefore do not really use all the respiratory potential their body offers for them.  Autumn is a good time to start exercising and doing for example Qi Cong, Tai Chi, gyrotonic / kinesis, yoga type of  activities where the respiration is the key element.




cesta de alimentos del otoño


In autumn we are especially interested in strengthening our immune system in order not to catch a cold. The lung is responsible for our Wei Qi (defensive Qi) that circulates on the surface, between the muscle and the skin. The large intestine is responsible for eliminating everything impure and unnecessary to  our body. As a general rule, what we eat determines how we have our digestive tract and microbiota. It is better to eat simple food made at home, than processed products, which can make our digestive organs sick. (Soon I will publish some specific tips how and what to eat during the autumn time, so  stay tuned !!)




quinoa con verdura


Autumn, as well as  spring, is a time of the year when we can do an internal cleaning, detox. The most recommended thing to do is to do a gentle cleansing that does not waste energy, but what  heals our interior and eliminates waste.




Autumn is a perfect time for all type of cleaning, not just detoxifying our intestines. In the same way we clean our interior, we should clean our mind from negative thoughts and old ideas that no longer serve us. That way we leave room for something new to happen in our life. 

un comedor organizado

It is also important to do a complete clean up at home and throw away, recycle, donate or sell everything you don´t need anymore. This way you put some feng shui to your home and the energy “Qi” can flow freely all over.





cardos secos


Autumn is a time of dryness and dryness can get caught in the lungs and generate, for example, cough. Drink enough water and drink infusions and soups to keep your body and your tissues hydrated. Remember that the human body is 70% water and the connective tissue depends largely on the water we drink or ingest with the food, in order to fight against acidosis for example.






In autumn the weather is unstable and it is very easy that wind evil enter to our body. How does it do that? There is an acupuncture point in the neck (16DuMai – fang feng) which opens the gates for other pathogenic factors or viruses and let them enter and make us sick. Wear enough comfortable and warm  clothes that you can take off and put on according to the weather and carry a scarf with you too. 




flor al atardecer






There is no better way to regenerate our cells than by sleeping and having a break.  Many people don’t take it very seriously and hit the ground with exhaustion just because  they just don’t sleep enough and have enough free time or vacations and they think work is everything. It is really not!






Stress is the invisible enemy of the 21st century and kills us silently. Much of the current diseases, both chronic and autoimmune begin in a stressful time and if the stress is prolonged in time. Genetics predisposes, but does not determine in which we get sick. Include meditation to your daily habits and you will see how things will start to take another dimension in your life. Knowing and being able to eliminate the stress of your life is knowing how to take care of your health.




If you liked the article, please feel free to share it with your friends too so that they can also take care of themselves better in Autumn.  And I’m more than happy to hear your comments about the article too, so feel free to write or drop me a message.

Images/pictures @Wendy Stephen (IG) and Päivi Linna.



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