Do you have Feng Shui in your kitchen?

Do you have Feng Shui in your kitchen?


Today I´m not going to talk about the digestion or the Chinese Dietary therapy, but I wanted to talk about something else: about the importance of a clean and organized kitchen from feng shui point of view. So, let´s see what is good feng shui in the kitchen!

Personally I love to read and learn about feng shui as it has its roots in Chinese Medicine too, like the dietary principles I follow. Feng shui is based on the fact that we should have free flow of energy in our house; through all the objects we have there. Having a good feng shui in our kitchen and our home makes us feel better, radiate positive energy and attract all the good and beautiful things we want for ourselves and for our family. Good feng shui in the kitchen is like a peaceful soul in a body.

Do you have a good Feng Shui in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the second most important area in our house after the bedroom. The third is the bathroom. These three areas are important for our health and well being, so they should be neat, clean and convey quality and beauty. It´s our kitchen that creates and reflects our prosperity and wealth in life and for that reason we should have a good feng shui in the kitchen to ensure having wealth and prosperity in our life too.  If our kitchen is dirty, messy and there is no room for things or even making food, it drains us energetically. You don´t need a feng shui consultant to get things in order. You can start creating a good feng shui by cleaning and tidying up your kitchen right now.


The location of things

If you ever have read something about feng shui you know that the correct location of rooms and things can signify a lot.  For example, the oven represents the fire element, it has the energy of fire and therefore oven dominates in the kitchen. The best place for the oven is somewhere in the middle so that the person who is cooking, could see the whole kitchen. The other elements are present in the kitchen too and should create a balance along with the fire. Metal, wood, earth and water are present in appliances, floors, materials, tap etc. Ideally, for example, all elements would be next to or near each other. The oven, microwave and stove should be at the same place and all the water elements near the tap. If you have a lot of fire material, (quite normal in the kitchen), compensate it with the earth elements and place plants or use wooden elements for example.


How clean is your oven?

The oven is really an important element and we should keep it clean and bright ALWAYS!!! The oven is the symbol of abundance and wealth. The oven has to be cleaned every week and instead of using toxic detergents, it´s better to clean it with just water and baking soda. If you have not cleaned your oven for a long time, you may have to do the first cleaning with something stronger, but then continue with baking soda. Do you hang kitchen towels in oven handle?  If so, stop doing it because feng shui-wise  it is not a good thing to do as you cover the entire oven and its ability to offer abundance.  And as strange as it might sound like, a mirror behind the oven magnifies its importance and makes it more dominant in the kitchen and of course, should bring more abundance in your life.

flores y fruta

How organized your kitchen is?

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy and above all a beautiful place, where you want to be and cook. Decorate it with plants and flowers as they bring harmonizing energy from the earth. In addition, plants symbolize life and keep the air clean. Take a habit of cleaning the kitchen well after each meal, so you keep it in good shape. There is nothing worse than waking up and having breakfast in the kitchen where all the bowls and dishes from the previous dinner are still in the pit.

aceite de oliva

Everything in its place

Have the kitchen tools in order and every so often check that you have everything you need. The best place to hang and keep things is the area where you use them. Use natural materials and try to remove all plastic.

Clean vegetables and fruit before putting them in their place

When you buy fruit and vegetables, clean them with cold water and vinegar before hanging them in their place. Keep the fruit close so you can see it and you can eat it whenever you feel like it. If you keep your knives on the wall, it is better to remove them and store them in the closet.  For food it is better to use glass jars before plastic ones.

nueces en un jarro

Clean windows

 If your kitchen has windows, keep them clean. The windows represent the eyes of your house and affect your ability to see clearly, have clarity when making decisions and choose the right paths in life. If you are locked in your life and do not know which direction to go, see how clean your windows are.

Feng Shui in the fridge 

Just as important as the oven is keeping the fridge clean and organized. Don´t keep old products in the fridge. Clean the fridge weekly and check the contents and eat what you have to consume. If you hang up important papers, bills or photos on the fridge door, remember: ORDER. If you are not able to maintain them in good order, better not to put them there and keep the door clean and empty for feng shui. When you have well-organized and tidy closets and fridge, clean and shining oven, all healthy food is in place, you have a good feng shui in your kitchen. If your fridge is always empty, it does not nourish neither your energy, nor your soul, and at the end you do not transmit abundant energy around you and good things do not flow to your life either.


Cook with love and joy

When you cook, do it with love and big smile in your face. The energy you have when you cook also enters to the food. It´s better not to cook if you are angry or in a bad mood. Decorate your dishes with fruit, berries, edible flowers, seeds or herbs. Nobody wants to eat a plate of risotto which has been smashed to the plate and hardly have any color. It costs nothing to be creative and decorate the daily dishes as they do in restaurants.  The love you put into your cooking, to your kitchen and to your food shows how much love you put in yourself. And when we eat, better in a quiet environment where TV and mobile are closed. You can light a candle, put some relaxing music, use different essential oils to create nice smelling environment and enjoy the food, your company and the moment. Be grateful!

Images: Wendy Stephen, @wendystephenphotography (instagram), Andres Suñer y Päivi Linna.


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